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General Information
Manuscript title Overexpression of isocitrate lyase-glyoxylate bypass influence on metabolism in Aspergillus niger.
PubMed ID 19271267
Journal Metabolic Engineering
Year 2009
Authors S. Meijer, J Otero, R. Olivares, M.R. Andersen, L. Olsson, J. Nielsen
Affiliations Department for Systems Biology, Center for Microbial Biotechnology, Building 223, Technical University of Denmark, Lyngby, Denmark.
Keywords Aspergillus niger, isocitrate lyase over-expression, glyoxylate bypass
Full text article Meijer_2009.pdf
Project name not specified

Experiment Description
Organism Aspergillus niger
Strain N402 (W.T.) and icl overexpression
Data type flux measurements
Data units % substrate uptake
Execution date not specified

Experimental Details
Temperature (°C) 30.0
pH 2.5
Carbon source glucose
Culture mode batch
Process condition aerobic
Dilution rate (h⁻¹) not specified
Working volume (L) 2.0
Biomass concentration (g/L) 2.0-4.0
Medium composition

Defined medium: 5 g/L of 1-13C glucose, 10 g/L NaNO3, 3 g/L KH2PO4, 2 g/L MgSO4.7H2O, 2 g/L NaCl, 0.2 g/L CaCl2.2H2O, 0.5 ml/L antifoam and 1 ml/L trace element solution 2. The trace element solution 2 contained 14.3 g/L ZnSO4.7H2O, 2.5 g/L CuSO4.5H2O, 0.5 g/L NiCl2.6H2O, 7 g/L MnCl2.2H2O and 13.8 g/L FeSO4.7H2O.

General protocol information Flux analysis method: 13C constrained MFA

Platform: GC-MS

Methods description - Notes

GC–MS analysis - GC–MS analysis was performed on an Agilent (PaloAlto,CA, USA) HP 6890 gas chromatograph coupled to a HP5973 quadrupole mass selective detector in positive electron impact ionization (EI+) operated at an electron energy of 70 eV. The GC was equipped with a 4. ...

[1] Wiechert, W.,2001. C13 metabolic flux analysis. Metab. Eng. 3, 195–206.

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