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General Information
Manuscript title Role of phosphate in the central metabolism of two lactic acid bacteria - a comparative systems biology approach.
PubMed ID 22325620
Journal FEBS Journal
Year 2012
Authors Jennifer Levering, Mark W. J. M. Musters, Martijn Bekker, Domenico Bellomo, Tomas Fiedler, Willem M. de Vos, Jeroen Hugenholtz, Bernd Kreikemeyer, Ursula Kummer and Bas Teusink
Affiliations Department of Modeling of Biological Processes, COS Heidelberg ⁄ BIOQUANT, University of Heidelberg, Germany
Keywords Lactococcus lactis, metabolism of glucose, NMR, in vivo
Full text article
Project name not specified
Data used for Model building and Model validation

Model Information

Model name glycolysis Lactococcus lactis
Organism Lactococcus lactis
Model type ordinary differential equations
Category Metabolism
Number of reactions 11
Number of species 11 + 4 co-metabolites
Number of regulators 3 activations + 5 inhibitions
Number of parameters 66
Number of compartments 2
Dilution rate (h-1)
Model file(s) and history
LATEST levering1.xml (2014-03-10 11:18:15 UTC by Administrator KiMoSys ) Preview Simulate
Original model source: in JWS online database.
Software (COPASI)
BioModels or JWS Online ID levering1
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